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Wrapping. What it is?

Wrapping procedure has been known for a long time. Cleopatra used wrapping to prolong her youth and reinforce her beauty. Even in ancient times people had recipes of the miraculous infusion and mixtures, which preparation was considered as an art that only choose ones are worthy.

In modern times wrapping did not lose its status. Therapeutic mud wrapping by right is considered to be one of the most effective and useful medical procedures. Depending on the type of use they have some differences, but essentially, the wrapping procedure is very simple: the special mixture (cream, gel, ointment, balm or oil) is applied to the skin and the person covers himself/herself with the thermal blanket. Depending on the temperature wrapping can be cold or hot. Mechanism of wrapping action is not so easy. This is a complex process that depends on correctness of the product preparation and procedure conducting. For correct preparation and selection of the product it is necessary to understand the basic objectives, wherein wrapping can be your reliable ally:

  • weight loss;
  • effective fight against cellulite;
  • improvement of skin condition, elimination of toxins and gentle peeling;
  • circulation of blood and lymph, increasing the immunity (blood circulation and lymph efflux);
  • removing the puffiness, calming the inflammations.


Face lymphatic massageIt is recommended to do face lymphatic massage once a week to raise the lymph, to tighten the skin and to adjust the blood circulation.







Lymphatic massage


Lymphatic massageis the physical effect on the certain body lines by lymph efflux direction to normalize and gain the body lymphatic system work.
In cosmetology lymphatic massage is used for:

  1. Cellulite treatment (including its edematous form)
  2. Release from excess fat
  3. Reducing edemas on the face, the problem areas of legs and other parts of the body
  4. Elimination of eye bruises and eye bags
  5. Acceleration of the skin cells regeneration
  6. Skin laxity elimination
  7. Reducing the number of wrinkles
  8. Body contours improvement

For the purposes of healing the body lymphatic massage is used for:

  1. Increasing immunity
  2. Improving the mental and emotional condition
  3. Treatment of stress, tension-relieving effect
  4. Treatment of lymph efflux violation
  5. Elimination of excess interstitial fluid
  6. Varicosity treatment.


Sport massage

Sport massage is used to improve the functional state of the athlete, his fitness, decrease fatigue, improvephysical performance, and preventthe injuries and diseases of the musculoskeletal system and their treatment.

Sport massage differs from classic massage by intensity — sport massage is faster and more intense. It can serve as a preparation before exercises and recovery from them.





Anti-cellulite massage

What is cellulite?

Cellulite is the pathology of the subcutaneous fat layer, wherein all metabolic processes are violated.


  1. Sedentary life style
  2. Water balance violation
  3. Psychological causes
  4. Heredity
  5. Hormone imbalance
  6. Nutritional disorder

There are a lot of anti-cellulite massage procedures. We will determine which method is the most suitable and effective for you in the first session. However, all these methods of anti-cellulite massage work by the similar principle: they improve the microcirculation in the affected tissues, accelerate the movement of blood and lymph. Thanks to use of anti-cellulite massage puffiness goes away and harmful substances that stagnated in the subcutaneous fat layer are removed effectively.

Classic massage

Classic massage is performed using the four major consecutive methods:

  1. stroking,
  2. attrition,
  3. foulage,
  4. vibration.

Classic massage has a direct impact on the affected area. It helps excellently at the big number of diseases and pain syndromes.



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